Consensus meeting of leaders of Canadian neuroscience institutes | Halifax

Fourth meeting in Halifax (September 2018), bringing together representatives of neuroscience programs and major initiatives from coast to coast. The participants agreed on overarching programs to propose for CBRS and a path forward to engage the scientific community and stakeholders.


  • Chris Anderson
  • Jaideep Bains
  • Julie Carrier
  • Francisco Cayabyab
  • Patricia Conrod
  • Douglas Crawford
  • Yves De Koninck
  • Michiru Hirasawa
  • André Longtin
  • Brian MacVicar
  • Keith Murai
  • Naser Muja
  • Doug Munoz
  • Ravi Menon
  • Freda Miller
  • David Park
  • Jean-Baptiste Poline (replacing Alan Evans)
  • Victor Rafuse
  • Jane Roskams
  • Lisa Saksida
  • Allison Sekuler
  • Michael Salter
  • Robert Sutherland
  • John Vincent (replacing Peter Szatmari)
  • Donald Weaver
  • Douglas Zochodne
  • Beverley Heim-Myers representing NHCC

Samuel Weiss was present for the first part of the meeting; given his directorship position at INMHA, he passed on leadership Yves De Koninck)

Science writer: Lindsay Borthwick