Third CBRS workshop | Toronto

Third workshop in Toronto (November 2016) brought together leading researchers and representatives of Brain Canada, CIFAR, INMHA and the major CFREFS to identify prospective key components (e.g. grand challenges, major platforms) of a Canadian brain research strategy. Following the meeting, a team of scientists worked together to develop the first draft of CBRS, which was then used to consult with the broad Canadian neuroscience research community.

  • Samuel Weiss
  • Sheena Josselyn
  • Alan Bernstein
  • Yoshua Bengio
  • Gabrielle Boulianne
  • Vincent Castellucci
  • Douglas Crawford
  • Max S. Cynader
  • Yves De Koninck
  • Jacques Drouin
  • Alan Evans
  • Lesley Fellows
  • Mel Goodale
  • John Hepburn
  • Inez Jabalpurwala
  • James Kennedy
  • Brian MacVicar
  • Doug Munoz
  • Adrian Owen
  • Anthony Phillips
  • Marla Sokolowski
  • Rachel Tyndale
  • Franco J. Vaccarino