CBRS Townhall – CAN-ACN Meeting 2021

The CBRS is pleased to announce we will be hosting a Townhall at this year’s CAN-ACN Meeting to engage with the wider neuroscience community.

Please join us at the CBRS Townhall on Wednesday August 25th at 12-12:30pm PDT / 3-3:30pm EDT if you are attending this year’s CAN-ACN Meeting!

We welcome this opportunity for Canadian neuroscientists attending the CAN-ACN meeting to learn more about the CBRS and the developing national strategy for brain research. Presented by CBRS Executive Director Dr. Jennie Young and Chair Dr. Yves De Koninck, we will be sharing our core initiatives and plans moving forward. This will be followed by a live survey and Q&A where Jennie and Yves will answer questions and solicit feedback about the CBRS.

We acknowledge the Canadian Association for Neuroscience for their support in providing this opportunity for outreach.

Thank you to the more than 100 attendees who came to our Townhall and and to those who shared your thoughts on how Canada distinguishes itself in our approach to neuroscience!

We appreciate your insights and input as we continue to shape a national strategy for brain research.

Please click here for more information on the Transformative Initiatives.