Indigenous Initiatives Workshop

CBRS held an Indigenous Initiatives Workshop on June 28th, 2021.

Including the voices of Indigenous peoples is of paramount importance as we work to forge a unified national strategy for brain research that will benefit all Canadians.

In June, CBRS held its first Indigenous Initiatives Workshop with the aim to raise points of consideration and action for the Canadian Brain Research Strategy Indigenous Initiatives. The meeting, held virtually over Zoom, brought together more than 60 participants – Indigenous researchers in neuroscience and other fields, non-Indigenous researchers working with Indigenous populations, and those simply interested in learning and sharing Indigenous perspectives on brain and mental wellness.  

Workshop attendees included all career stages of academia from more than 25 institutions across Canada as well as non-profit and governmental agencies. In the first part of the workshop, participants were given the opportunity to share their background, lived experience, and research in a roundtable discussion. The second part of the workshop saw participants move into sharing circles led by members of the CBRS Indigenous Knowledge Holders Group (IKHG). A publication led by the IKHG members will be developed from this workshop with the goal of sharing the important knowledge gathered here with the global community. 


You can read the full meeting notes here.

Read our publication in the Canadian Journal of Neurological Sciences here.