Mission & Vision

The Canadian Brain Research Strategy (CBRS) is a community-led initiative uniting over 30 neuroscience and mental health institutes and programs across the country, together with early career researchers, Indigenous Knowledges Holders, and patient representatives to advance Canada as a world leader in collaborative, transdisciplinary, open, and ethical brain research.

CBRS aims to bring together the diverse neuroscience ecosystem – brain research initiatives and projects, public and private funders, health charities, as well as communities and patient organizations across the country – in a uniquely collaborative effort that will push the frontiers of brain science, for the benefit of all Canadians.

Vision: Innovative and collaborative brain research that drives policy, social, health and economic advancements for Canada and the world.

Mission: To build on Canada’s strengths and current investments in cutting-edge collaborative brain science to advance neurological and mental health for all Canadians.

Objective: To inspire government to invest in a major brain research initiative. CBRS is not seeking to become a parallel funding stream, but seeks further support for programs that foster collaborative, transdisciplinary, and open approaches that enable Canada to be a world leader in brain research.

How: By bringing together the diverse neuroscience and mental health research ecosystem across the country in a collaborative and mobilizing unified voice to advance brain research as a national priority.

Value Statement

The CBRS is committed to respecting the diverse views and values of all Canadians and our partners and collaborators worldwide.
Participants are expected to uphold their commitment to these principles through professional excellence and integrity in all activities associated with the Strategy.

Canada is a world leader in many fields of neuroscience and mental health research. Our distinction is in how we approach brain research.


Understanding the brain – in disease and in health and wellness –  requires a collective effort rooted in diversity


Now more than ever, breakthroughs in neuroscience depend on the combined efforts of scientists from many fields as well as stakeholders beyond academia.


Sharing data, research tools, and expertise openly is essential to a better understanding of the brain and transformation of Canadian brain research.

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