Mission & Vision

The mission of CBRS is to build on Canada’s strengths and current investments in cutting-edge collaborative neuroscience to transform neurological and mental health for Canadians. It is a vision of innovative and collaborative brain science driving policy, social, health and economic advancement for Canada and the world.

The strategy rests on four pillars:

1: UNDERSTAND brain functioning in health and disease, from synapse to behaviour

Pillar 1 focuses on understanding how the normal brain develops and functions, and how it evolves throughout a lifetime.

2: ADDRESS brain health challenges through prevention and treatment

Pillar 2 focuses on translating fundamental new knowledge into new prevention strategies and treatments for brain disorders.

3: APPLY knowledge of the brain to improve education, societal and cultural well-being across the life span

Pillar 3 uses new knowledge about the brain to inform social, health and education policy for the benefit of Canadians of all ages, and to inspire discovery in other fields, notably economics, complex systems, human social interactions and education.

4: BUILD & catalyze technology development and improved, brain-inspired artificial intelligence

Pillar 4 drives the development of experimental techniques to visualize and measure the brain, computational techniques to understand its complexity, as well as brain-inspired technologies, including improved artificial intelligence, with widespread applications in health and education.


Canada’s neuroethicists will guide these endeavors and continue to provide national and global leadership in aligning ethical, social, legal and policy considerations with advances in neuroscience.

By leveraging existing investments and adopting a big science approach to discovery, CBRS can establish Canada as a neuroscience-driven nation.